Scholar Seminars

Interdisciplinary seminars are held every semester under the direction of the Scholar Council. They are team taught and meet Tuesdays at noon. Each seminar carries one hour of credit [1/4 unit] for which no additional tuition is required. Grades are "A" or "F;" however students who are not participating satisfactorily will be encouraged to withdraw rather than receive an "F." The seminars include lectures, small group discussions, presentations by Scholars, and assigned readings.

Past seminar topics have included: The Arab World, Plagues, Japan, Stories of Creation, India, Urban Issues and the Plight of the City, Eastern Europe, Genetic Engineering, Mexico, The Renaissance, Exploring the Frontier: Space in the 21st Century, China, Classic Films, The Enlightenment, The Jazz Age, Russia, America in the `60s, Thomas Jefferson, The Brain, The Allure of the East, America in the 1940's, The Middle East, The Victorian Era, Science Fiction, Crime and Punishment, and Disney Films.

  • 1/8 — Dr. Michelle Briggs. Introduction to the course.
    Machu Picchu and living up to 15,000 feet above sea level in the Inca Empire
  • 1/15 — Dr. Cullen Chandler. The Flavian Amphitheatre, vulga dictu "Colosseum"
  • 1/22 — Dr. David Fisher. Reaching for the Heavens
  • 1/29 — Dr. Marc Gagné, Department of Geology & Astronomy, West Chester University. Stonehenge
  • 2/5 — Dr. Len Cagle. Franconian Rome: Heinrich II and the Cathedral of Bamberg
  • 2/12 — discussion of text and seminars
  • 2/19 — Dr. Barb Buedel. Chichén-Iztá and Mayan culture.
  • 3/4 — Dr. Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College, University of Toronto. The Empire State Building
  • 3/11 — Dr. Richard Erickson. Niagara Falls — Uses Past, Present, and Future.
  • 3/18 — Dr. Jeff Newman. The Wonders of the Genome.
  • 3/25 — Dr. Matthew J. Adams, Pennsylvania State University.
    Djoser's Wonderful Tomb: The Social and Economic Context of Pyramid Construction in Ancient Egypt.
  • 4/1 — Dr. Gary Boerckel Beethoven's Symphony #9.
  • 4/8 — discussion of text and seminars/ choosing the topic of "My Wonder"
  • 4/15 — student presentations in discussion groups — "My Wonder"