Lycoming Club Sports

Club Sports Manual (PDF)

Badminton Club

A group of students interested in the sport of badminton. All ability levels are welcomed to join.
President: Julia Gallo
Advisor: Dr. Darby Lewes

Equestrian Club

A group of students interested in horseback riding and competition. All ability levels are welcomed to join.
President: Nora Castner
Advisor: Dr. Amy Rogers

Lycoming College Dance Club

Provides students of Lycoming College with an opportunity to meet new people and to develop their dance skills. The Dance Programs adds to the diversity of the arts as well as a means of exercise and enjoyment.
Captain: Brittany Wynn
Captain: Sarah Sipe
Advisor: Professor N. J. Stanley

Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club

The purpose of the Shotokan Karate club is to guide its members in the principles of character formation, etiquette and mental improvement; including understanding of one's self through the teaching of Shotokan Karate.
President: Kenneth Burgos
Advisor: Mr. William W. Bubb

Lycoming Fencing Club and Guild of Swordsmen

For new or experienced fencers, to learn more about the sport, techniques nd history of weaponry. Includes not only modern fencing, but more archaic weaponry and stage combat uses.
President: Samuel Clarke
Advisor: Dr. Cullen J. Chandler

Ultimate Frisbee Organization of Lycoming (UFOL)

Promotes good health and exercise in a fun, fast and action-packed sport.
President: Trey Nenow
Advisor: TBA