Elizabeth Treptow

Elizabeth Treptow

Archaeology and Art History, 2012

Activities at Lycoming: Lacrosse, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Coptic Club, Dance Club, Theta Alpha Kappa, Archaeology/Religion Tutor

Hometown: Ewing, N.J.

High School: Ewing High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Pam Gaber has been digging in Cyprus since the 1970’s and she’s on our faculty here at Lycoming! Not only has she inspired me to participate in digs, but she’s also made herself available to help me with projects.

Favorite Part of Class: In the Archaeology program, everyone gets to dive right in! We don’t have prerequisites - you pick your classes right from the start. Choose from a variety of Archaeology courses that match your specific interests.

Getting Involved: Lycoming has its very own dig site on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus!  One way to get the most out of the program is to get involved with Idalion.

Advice: Dig early! Unlike some other digs and internships, there are no prerequisites for the Idalion dig. Best part? You can go more than once, or go somewhere else, like Egypt or Israel to further expand your horizons.