Jared Stetts

Jared Stetts

Philosophy, 2012

Education Certification: Secondary, History & Social Studies

Military Service: Marine Corps from 2004-2008 – I became interested in reading philosophical works while I was deployed in Iraq.

Hometown: South Williamsport, PA

High School: South Williamsport High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Whelan teaches a contemporary philosophy class, so we have a chance to read stuff that has been written in our lifetime. There’s never a dull moment in his classes – we’re always on our toes.

Favorite Part of Major: As a philosophy major, I study everything from science to art, so it’s never the same thing twice. I’m also reading works from some of the best writers that ever lived!

Advice: This is a liberal arts school, so you have the opportunity to study a variety of different subjects with experts in each subject. Almost all of our faculty members have their doctorate, so take advantage of it – choose a variety of classes with a variety of professors!