Megan Schulze

Megan Schulze

Biology, 2011

Activities: Volleyball, FLYCO, Play by FAITH, Beta Beta Beta, Sustainability Committee

Hometown: Reedsville, Pa.

High School: Indian Valley High School

Most Influential Professor: Shortly after I got on campus, I talked with Dr. Zimmerman about my interests and he immediately got me involved with the Clean Water Institute. The summer after my freshman year, I was traveling to different sites along the Susquehanna River, testing water and inspecting fish and insects!

Favorite Part of Class: Since our student to faculty ratio is low, we have more flexibility for on location field work. Lycoming is located right in the midst of the Marcellus Shale, so there are some really great opportunities for water testing. We’ve also taken local snorkeling trips to participate in research on hellbenders - a unique species of salamanders.

Getting Involved: One of the new trendy things here is the Sustainability Committee. We were one of 12 schools to get a grant from the Solar Scholar’s Conference to install solar panels on Heim. We’ve also started an audit of Lycoming’s carbon footprint.

Advice: Starting talking to your professors about what your interests are – no matter how niche the interest, they will find something for you to dive into!