Sebastian Sabella

Sebastian Sabella

Business Administration Major

Hi! My name is Sebastian Sabella and I'm from Long Island, NY. I am a Business Administration major specializing in both the marketing and finance tracks. It wasn't too long ago that I was going through the college search process and it was the combination of a strong business program and the relaxed lifestyle that sold me on Lycoming.

The main characteristic I was looking for in a college was the ability to produce successful students. I attended a smaller high school and wanted a similar experience in college. The small class size and individualized attention from professors and advisors that I currently enjoy was exactly what I was looking for.

While I have always been interested in all aspects of business including management, stocks and bonds, and financial information, a class from Dr. Sterngold has convinced me to think about marketing. Learning about methods to promote products, services, and ideas is something I think I could enjoy.

I am currently a member of the men's basketball team and I serve on the Campus Activities Board. Since coming to Lycoming I have made many friends but I have really bonded with my brothers in the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. I am also a member of the Institute for Management Studies (IMS) and through the Institute I plan to apply for one of several internships offered in New York City.

There are a few goals that I am looking to achieve before graduating from Lycoming. First of all, I want to help the basketball team win a Middle-Atlantic Conference Championship and make it to the national playoffs. I also plan to run for office in my fraternity, maybe even president. Third, but not necessarily last, I must continue to focus my efforts in all of my classes including the business field. I really believe an education from Lycoming College will open doors to a number of different opportunities.

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