Chamya Reed

Chamya Reed

Philosophy and Pre- Law, 2015

Activities at Lycoming: Women's volleyball team, resident assistant, Habitat for Humanity

Hometown: Boothwyn, Pa.

High School: Chichester High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Whelan has played an important role in helping me figure out just what I want to do with my major. He made me face the facts of the tough path I will have to face to become a lawyer, and although the reality is intimidating, it only made me more motivated to put my all into my studies and get where I want to be. Through studies with Dr. Whelan, I have been able to look beyond what is right in front of me to figure out how to explain myself, my thinking process and to figure out why someone else may think the way they do.

Favorite Part of Class: Most of the classes I have taken at Lycoming have been small enough to spend the class listening to discussions among the students rather than in lecture.  The small class sizes allow you to get the most out of the class through building relationships with your classmates as well as the professor.

Favorite Campus Club: Volleyball season is my favorite time of the year.  I love to workout, play and goof around with my teammates.  I transferred to Lycoming my sophomore year, and I was terrified because I didn't know anyone.  I always consider myself very fortunate to have joined the team because it allowed me to make lasting friendships and branch off from those friendships to meet new people as well.

Advice for students: Keep an open mind. Don't be afraid to try something new because you may end up surprising yourself.