Samantha Raup

Samantha Raup

French Education, 2016

Activities at Lycoming: Cheerleading, Club Franco, Dance Club, Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA)

Hometown: Danville, Pa.

High School: Danville High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Cartal-Falk has been a great role model for me due to the fact that I hope to hold the same position as her one day. She has always encouraged me to do better and has believed in my abilities. Dr. Darby Lewes is another of my role models because of her personality and teaching style. I really enjoyed having her as a professor!

Favorite Part of Class: Answering questions and interacting with professors in general. The classes are usually quite small here, so definitely take advantage of the small class size to get to know your professors!

Favorite Campus Event: Homecoming and the dance show! I love homecoming because there's so many activities! It's a great time to get out there socially. The dance show is one of my favorite events because so many students put in a lot of work for it and it's always so much fun! Even if you're not a dancer, the dance show is definitely worth seeing.

Advice for students: Don't be afraid to try new things, especially clubs. Always challenge yourself! There are tons of different courses offered, but don't be intimidated by them. Professors at Lycoming are always willing to help, and the tutors are great!