Meagan Pittius

Meagan Pittius

German, 2011

Activities: Basketball, Lacrosse

Hometown: Sparta, N.J.

High School: Sparta High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Cagle really made all aspects of the language come to life – from grammar to fairy tales, his classes confirmed my love for the language. Until I met Dr. Cagle, I thought a major in German was a dead end. It’s a specialized field, and gives you a competitive advantage for in the job market.

Favorite Part of Class: Reading German Fairy Tales – they have a bit more harsh reality than our American translations.

Getting Involved: Study abroad – immerse yourself in language and culture. If you can’t go for a semester, go for a couple months over the summer. Either way, you’ll gain a true appreciation for the culture and have an excellent addition to your resume.

Advice: First of all, it’s impossible to test out of your language requirement, so don’t cheat on the placement test – or you’ll be stuck in a high level class, with a need for a tutor. Once you’re here, keep an open mind about your major in college –choose what you enjoy. Become bilingual! It is a rewarding experience, and will give you a competitive advantage for a career.