Kaitlin Marsden

Kaitlin Marsden

Political Science, 2014

Campus Activities: Colleges Against Cancer, College Republicans, Beta Phi Gamma, Student Senate representative

Hometown: Newtown, Conn.

Most Influential Professor:  It has to be a tie between Dr. Williamson and Dr. Payne. Both have helped me through the political science major so much and both are such an inspiration to me to keep pushing forward and motivate myself to reach my goals.

Favorite Part of Class: Group discussion. I feel you can learn a lot from your peers and it's always interesting to hear what peers have to say about topics. It also allows you build on others ideas and talk through topics.

Favorite Campus Event: Relay For Life. It's one event that manages to unite the entire campus for a great cause. Everyone gets involved and contributes to the American Cancer Society, which is a foundation that is very important to me and affects me in a big way. Relay For Life is a great event that really connects the student body.

Advice for students:  Don't waste a second of your college career and get involved in everything. Join every club that sparks your interest because you never know what will influence your goals in the future. Take internships, go to school events, go to sporting events – four years seems like a long time but it flies by, so make all the memories you can. It will be worth it!