Joe Marchese

Joe Marchese

Music, 2012

Activities: Jazz Band

Hometown: Williamsport, Pa.

High School: Williamsport High School

Most Influential Professor: Two of my professors, Dr. Boerckel and Dr. Hawkes, have taught me that I can learn about myself through writing and music. Making this connection within and outside of my major is just one of the neat ways a well-rounded liberal arts education helps you constantly improve yourself.

Favorite Part of Class: Our music program is small and very focused, but not so intense that you don’t have time to pursue your own interests outside of class. I had time to start my own rock band, Clouds Make Sounds. We travel all over the East Coast for our shows – it’s great!

Getting Involved: Clubs and organizations give you the opportunity to focus on whatever your niche interests are outside of class– you choose the club (or create your own), activities and projects.

Advice: Leave whatever ideas you might have about your major, or the college at the door. Be open to learning new things in order to make the most of your time here.