Kassandra Lee

Kassandra Lee

Psychology, 2014

Minor: Biology

Activities: Choir, Dance Club, Alpha Sigma Tau

Hometown: Fallentimber, Pa.

High School: Glendale High School

Most Influential Professor: During my first week on campus I talked to Dr. Beery about my interests and she directed me to Dr. Gilbertson. She and I share similar interests and we’re both new to Lycoming. She’s helped me learn the best way to comprehend every aspect of scholarly articles. Dr. Gilbertson is also responsible for bringing a new electroencephalogram (EEG) to campus – that will give me more opportunities for my research.

Favorite Part of Class: I’m really looking forward to the arrival of the EEG. One of the reasons I decided to go into the psychology field was because of my interest in sleep studies.

Advice: Get involved. If you come in and talk to the professors about what you enjoy, you can work your way into the hands-on research immediately.