David Kenward

David Kenward

Astronomy and Physics, 2014

Activities at Lycoming: Lycoming Trails, Society of Physics Students

Hometown: Byron, N.Y.

High School: Byron-Bergen High School

Most Influential Professor: As my adviser, professor and research mentor, Dr. Kulp has been extremely influential to me.  He has been helpful in not only helping me to plan out which courses to take each semester to fit my double major into four years, but also in helping me figure out bigger issues such as graduate school.  He also helped me apply to internships and secure a place at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Favorite Part of Class:  The impromptu discussions before classes start and even after classes end about any sort of random topic; the types of discussions Dr. Erickson calls part of the liberal arts education.

Favorite Campus Club:  Society of Physics Students and the Physics colloquiums are great because it helps students in the department to make connections with each other and the professors.  It's also good because you get to see the physics world beyond Lycoming through the occasional trips we take.  Colloquiums are helpful because you get to see talks from both fellow students and physicists from other colleges and universities.  These can be helpful in finding new interests in physics, possibilities for fields of study in graduate school or even career opportunities.

Advice for students: Work hard in your classes, on your homework, in labs, in your department.  It will get noticed and it will be beneficial to gaining you an internship and in applications after graduating.  At the same time, don't forget to take some time off and spend it with friends or you won’t enjoy the college experience.