Christian (CJ) Jacobs

Christian  (CJ) Jacobs

Psychology, 2015

Activities: Lacrosse, Lycoming College Choir

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

High School: Baltimore Lutheran High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Beery has been a part of every aspect of my college career. From day one, she helped me choose the best courses and has given me advice for grad school and my ultimate goal of becoming a guidance counselor. She’s always willing to share some of her own personal experiences to give me a real world perspective and I really appreciate that.

Favorite Part of Class: Debates are one of my favorite parts of class, because I either end up confirming my opinion, or changing it slightly based on the discussion. In my criminal justice class, Dr. Richmond begins the debate, but doesn’t interfere. She gives us the opportunity to have an open debate and express a variety of opinions.

Getting Involved: Lacrosse is the core of my Lycoming family. Get involved with clubs and organizations as soon as you get to campus. It’s the best way to meet people and make connections. You never know, connections can turn into other valuable opportunities in the future.

Advice: If you’re considering Lycoming, come for an overnight visit. Lycoming met all of my college checklist criteria, so I came for an overnight visit and got a feel for the warrior way of life. After that, I knew I found my college.