Rebecca Haygood

Rebecca Haygood

Religion and Archaeology, 2014

Minor: Biblical Languages

Activities: United Campus Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ

Hometown: Danville, Pa.

High School: Danville High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Knauth knows everything there is to know about religion and archaeology. She and I have spent time outside of class discussing our beliefs and religion in general. In addition to being a role model, I also consider her to be a faculty friend.

Favorite Class: Hebrew. Having the ability to take Hebrew is rare and it really enhances your experience with the biblical classes. Rather than reading the latest translation of the Bible, knowledge of the Hebrew language allows you to work your way through the original version of the Bible.

Getting Involved: I came to campus for the Archaeology Program, however, once I got here I decided to get involved with the Religion Program. They really complement each other. You can read all about biblical history in one set of classes, and then discover what artifacts have been found to prove or disprove those stories in your archaeology classes.

Advice: Take a variety of courses from a variety of professors so you can find the best match. When you find a few that interest you - talk to your professors, many of them have experiences that will help you learn even more outside of the classroom.