Danielle Grega

Danielle Grega

Archaeology and Art History, 2015

Activities at Lycoming: Fencing Club, Kappa Pi Art Honor Fraternity

Hometown: Holtsville, N.Y.

High School: Sachem High School East

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Knauth, my professor and adviser, has always made a point of making sure I'm doing as well as I can in all of my classes. She genuinely cares about the success of all of her students and it has pushed me to work harder and learn more. I've found that I can always stop in her office, whether it's a question about an essay or a question about how to pack for a dig.

Favorite Part of Class: That there's always something to do! Archaeology is always hands-on, even outside of the lab. Whether we're handing around ancient pottery or presenting different dig sites, there's always something interesting going on. There are so many different classes offered that you're likely to struggle to pick which you want to take first.

Favorite Campus Club: Fencing Club. They were my first friends at Lycoming and I've had them ever since. Fencing is a sport that is fantastic for relieving any stress or frustration.

Advice for Students: Get abroad! Find a dig site in a place you've never been and commit to it. The best way to learn is to actually go dig, and a classroom can only teach you so much. Dr. Knauth and Dr. Gaber both participate in digs every summer in Cyprus and Israel, so those are two incredible countries you could visit.