Gabriela Gorka

Gabriela Gorka

Theatre Design and Technology, 2014

Hometown: Venice, Fla.

High School: Venice High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. N. J. Stanley has both empathy and high expectations for her students. She's a wealth of information about theatre history, a fantastic director, a compassionate advisor, and a phenomenal teacher.

Favorite Part of Class: The small, discussion-based classes are the best. It's nice to hear more than one person speak for an hour at a time. I also feel that when you actively participate in discussion, you challenge your own knowledge and hone your ability to communicate. Communication is the most valuable skill you will learn in college, no matter your major.

Favorite Campus Event: As a Theatre Design/Technology student, working for the annual Campus Activities Board concerts has been among the coolest experiences I've ever had. In addition to being a great show for the audience, it's also a fun learning experience for the workers. I got to meet Maroon 5 last year!

Advice for Students: Never be afraid to ask for help. Lycoming College isn't just a school; it's a community.