Joshua Davinsizer

Joshua Davinsizer

Religion and History, 2012

Activities: United Campus Ministries, History Club, Choir, Theological Pursuits and Callings Committee (TPAC)

Hometown: Bellwood, Pa.

High School: Bellwood-Antis High School

Most Influential Professor: Not only does Dr. Johnson have the ability to make a 7:45 a.m. class amusing, but he also offers several different points of view and has been a great advisor.

Favorite Part of Class: I really enjoy the side stories our professors tell – those tangents add a personal touch and really make religion come alive. As a Religion and History major, it’s also interesting to learn how religious denominations began, their major influences and how they’ve evolved over time.

Getting Involved: As a result of getting involved within my major, I was able to work with Dr. Johnson to develop an independent study on the influence of hymns.

Advice: Don’t be intimidated by any class. Take every course that seems interesting to you.