Kate Crosmer

Kate Crosmer

Archaeology and Art History Major, 2011

My name is Kate Crosmer and I am an archaeology and art history double major from Garden Grove, California. I chose Lycoming because it has one of the top archaeological programs available to undergraduates in the country. I've always loved history and knew archaeology was the right major for me (and maybe it's also because of my love of Indiana Jones!).

Most majors at Lycoming emphasize some sort of practical experience. In archaeology, that means digs and interesting internships. Last summer I had the chance to participate in the Rio Bravo Archaeological Survey in Belize. During my stay I not only got to dig, but I also visited a lot of important Mayan capitols in the Yucatan and learned about the Mayan culture and demise. This was an amazing opportunity, and hopefully, just the beginning of my work in the archaeological field.

Along with my major in archaeology I have enjoyed many other classes, including Jazz Poetry with Dr. Feinstein. Dr. Feinstein and all the professors I have had for courses at Lycoming are wonderful. I have yet to meet a prof who didn't know my name by the third class and who didn't take time to talk to me outside the classroom.

The clubs and organizations that Lycoming offers its students are incredible. For instance, I am a member of the Dance Club and Colleges Against Cancer, I am the layout editor of the college literary magazine, I'm involved in both the Coptic and Anthropology Clubs, and I also play the cello. There aren't too many places where you can accomplish all that along with your studies.

So far my time at Lycoming has been great. One of my favorite moments has to be "the first big snow!" Since I grew up in Southern California, all of my previous winters were filled with varying degrees of sunshine. When I finally got to experience snow, my friends joined me outside on the quad (and so did most of the campus for that matter). There were snowball fights, sledding, and people out just enjoying the weather. It was a wonderful time.

I hope that you will strongly consider Lycoming College and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.