Bridget Bellmore

Bridget Bellmore

Creative writing, 2015

Activities at Lycoming: United Campus Ministries, Dance Club, Raging Stitches, Lycoming College Choir, Chamber Choir, Tour Choir

Hometown: Curwensville, Pa.

High School: Curwensville Area High School

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Hawkes has influenced me the most at Lycoming. His classes are challenging, but extremely rewarding.  I would not have understood my passion and potential as a writer had I not been challenged to meet his high standards.

Favorite Part of Class: I always enjoy the discussions that take place in workshops. Critiquing classmates’ work, and having my own work critiqued, has certainly helped me get to the final draft, but through class discussions, I’ve realized how applicable lessons about writing are to life. We try to understand human reactions and how hearts truly work to record the truth as we know it. I’m learning to treat my writing, and all other areas of my life, with great care, giving concern to elegance and honesty.

Favorite Campus Club: United Campus Ministries is my favorite organization on campus.  A wonderful group of people welcomed me into UCM my freshman year, and through their love of others and their faith, I’ve been inspired to reach out on campus, discovering a heart for ministry and forming deep relationships.

Advice for students:  Lycoming is great place to be yourself, but this school also has a lot of opportunities available to expand your tastes and pursue unique interests. Take advantage of what Lycoming has to offer and try something different — you never know where these paths will take you.