Elisa Becker

Elisa Becker

Spanish and International Studies, 2013

Activities: Swim team, Alpha Sigma Tau, Spanish Tutor

Hometown: Reston, Va.

High School: South Lakes High School

Most Influential Professor: I was just looking to get my language requirement out of the way. Dr. Sandra Kingery was there to do what she does best…teach and inspire.  Before I knew it, I was declaring a Spanish major. Dr. Kingery’s classes are the exact opposite of my less than exciting high school classes.

Favorite Part of Class: No matter the level of class, we’re always encouraged to speak in Spanish – not on any particular topic, but casual conversation about everything and anything. At first we start carefully and cautiously, then we realize we’re all and in the same boat and take the opportunity to learn from each other.

Getting Involved: I’ve also enjoyed taking many classes with Dr. Buedel. As a result of this, she knows my interests and my Spanish comfort level. She recommended an overseas program well-suited to my abilities. It’s not one of our international study affiliates which proves your study abroad opportunities are limitless at Lycoming.

Advice: Keep an open mind about your future major. When I started at Lycoming, I just wanted to get my language requirement done. Now, I’m majoring in Spanish and spending a semester in Seville, Spain!