Stephanie Barna

Stephanie Barna

Sociology, 2012

Minor: Spanish

Activities: Cheerleading, Gamma Delta Sigma

Hometown: Mill Hall, Pa.

High School: Central Mountain High School

Most Influential Professor: I didn’t know what I wanted to major in when I came to Lycoming, but I loved my Introduction to Sociology class, so I scheduled a meeting with Dr. Ross. I told her I had an interest in working with elderly people and within 15 minutes she had a plan of courses I should take, internships and volunteer opportunities I should pursue.

Favorite Part of Class: I really like that the Sociology faculty members have a variety of teaching styles. Classes range from small group discussions, to guest speakers, to analyzing current topics in society. They keep you on your toes and are always open to your ideas.

Getting Involved: The members of the sports and organizations you get involved with become your extended family here on campus, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to make new friends! I met some of my best friends through cheerleading and Gamma Delta Sigma.

Advice: Don’t be shy. Use the resources that Lycoming has to offer –accessible and accommodating faculty members, community connections and small classes.