Sarah Agostinelli

Sarah Agostinelli

French, 2014

Certification: Secondary Education

Activities: French Club, Modern Language Studies Student Assistant

Hometown: Lock Haven, Pa.

High School: Central Mountain High School

Most Influential Professor: Before I came to Lycoming, I spent some time overseas and missed the interview time for the Modern Language Studies scholarship. Because I wasn’t able to come to campus, Dr. Cartal-Falk interviewed me via Skype!

Favorite Part of Class: I love the relationships and bonds that form between peers and with the faculty members. If you have a bad French day and nothing seems to be coming out right, we all understand, because we’ve all been there.

Getting Involved: Here on campus you have opportunities to surround yourself with Teaching Assistants (from foreign countries) and other language students. Once you’ve mastered the language roundtables, take your language skills overseas and completely immerse yourself in the language and the culture.

Advice: Don’t feel pressured to pick a major. You have a language requirement, so take the class and see if you enjoy it!