Maryam Esmat

Maryam Esmat

Astrophysics, 2020

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

High School: Ramses College

Activities at Lycoming: Tour Guide and Admissions Assistant, Lycourier Newspaper, Multicultural Awareness Group, Society of Physics Students, Lyco Blogger, and Theatre Productions

Favorite experience: I've loved getting lost in a new country. The mix of unfamiliar houses, faces, weather, sounds, and environment is ethereal!

My big college moment: I would say my big college moment actually happened at a friend's birthday party. It was just this moment of understanding that I'm here at a college so far from home, yet, I was surrounded by new friends at my new home. This realization of so many future opportunities and four years of study in astrophysics hit me hard, but I couldn't have been more excited to welcome it.

Why I chose Lycoming: One word -- support. Everyone is so supportive and friendly beyond explanation. In every situation, I never feel alone. I got that vibe from the admissions staff when I first contacted them, and I came here to find that friendliness is shared amongst admissions, academic departments, students, and everyone else that belongs to the Lycoming community.

Advice for incoming students: Don't overstress, but do exceed your own expectations, and don't forget to have fun. Everyone will be there to help you, but you've got to set your objectives first. Balance work, health, and fun to achieve the ultimate college goals. Blend intellectuality and being a nerd with exploration and fun risks.