Rachel Shady

Rachel Shady

Psychology and education, 2018

Activities at Lycoming: Student worker for the Education Department, SPSEA, Softball

Hometown: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

High School: Central Mountain High School

My most influential professor: My most influential professor is Dr. Beery because even when battling cancer during one of my semesters, she still showed up to class prepared to teach and involve her students. Even though she was going through a difficult time, it never showed because she always asked about her students’ well-being and wanted them to succeed. As her student, I enjoyed going to every class and wanted to participate in class discussions more.

Favorite class experience: My favorite class experiences are always when another student teaches a lesson plan or a teacher demonstrates a lesson plan because the lessons are made for elementary students, so they usually involve drawing or eating! It’s the relaxing part of education classes.

My big college moment: My big college moment was last spring break when the softball team played at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The morning of departure, everyone was supposed to be on the bus very early in the morning, but I was late with another teammate after setting our morning alarm to PM instead of AM. We almost missed the bus, but luckily we had teammates who woke us up. We got ready within five minutes and ran across campus with our heavy bags to catch the bus. In that moment I realized I needed to become more responsible now that I am living without my parents and that I am very thankful for having such good friends and teammates who care.

Advice for incoming students: Bring a rain jacket, rain boots and an umbrella. You’ll need them!