Melvin Zimmerman

Melvin Zimmerman


B.S., SUNY Cortland
M.S., Miami University
Ph.D., Miami University

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4185

Biology: Professor emeritus

Environmental Science: Professor emeritus

Clean Water Institute: Director

Special Interest: Problems dealing with Ecology, especially Aquatic Biology, Marine Biology and Parasitology

Current Projects: Monitoring for Giardia cysts in the Williamsport Water Authority's Reservoirs, Use of a macroinvertebrate biotic index to monitor water quality, Monitoring of sewage sludge for parasitic eggs and cysts, Food studies (Bioenergetics) of organisms; Past studies have ranged from black bears to aquatic insects, Plankton dynamics in reservoir water and wetland delineation, Parasitic investigations of animals; Past studies have examined black bears, squirrels and beaver.

Dr. Mel Zimmerman has been teaching for 26 years and is the Lowry Professor of Biology and the Director of the Lycoming College Clean Water Institute. He also directs the Environmental Science program and teaches courses in Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Environmental Science and Tropical Marine Biology, which includes a field trip to a lab in Jamaica. His research and publications deal with stream ecology and restoration, wetland ecology and wastewater biology.

In October 2005, Dr. Zimmerman was one of six Pennsylvanians to be honored at a special banquet at Governor Rendell's mansion for "Lighting the Way" through their positive impact on Pennsylvania's environment.

Dr. Zimmerman and his students have historically monitored trends in both biology and chemistry for local watersheds. The Clean Water Institute has helped a number of watershed groups compile data and evaluate trends, needs and solutions. He has been instrumental in helping the Department of Environmental Protection's Northcentral Regional Office Team 5 by providing a forum for exchange with various partners.

Dr. Zimmerman was extensively involved in the formation of the Susquehanna River Heartland Coalition for Environmental Studies. His expertise has been monumentally instrumental not only in beginning this group but also coordinating the participation of higher education facilities. He serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers and is also the chair of the Keystone Stream Team. Dr. Zimmerman helped the North Central PA Conservancy accomplish a Rivers Conservation Plan for a portion of the western branch of the Susquehanna River.

He is an avid scuba diver and supervises the PADI open water certification course at Lycoming. Dr. Zimmerman and his wife also play host to the annual Biology picnic for faculty and students.

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