Richard Wienecke

Richard Wienecke


B.A., Lycoming College
M.S., Bucknell University
M.B.A., Long Island University
C.P.A. (Pennsylvania and New York)

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4174

None: Assistant Professor

None: Assistant Professor of Accounting

None: Assistant Professor of Accounting

Special Interest: Taxation

For 27 years Richard Wienecke has been teaching, motivating, coaching, and helping Lycoming students become professional accountants. And for 22 years he has operated his own accounting and management firm. During this time Richard has hired numerous Lycoming students as interns and employees.

Professor Wienecke teaches the introductory, tax, and auditing courses. He earned a bachelor's degree from Lycoming College and holds a master's degree from Bucknell University and an MBA degree from Long Island University. Mr. Wieneke is registered as a Certified Public Accountant in both New York and Pennsylvania and specializes in taxation.

Although Wienecke grew up on Long Island, he now lives far from the maddening crowds in a restored farmhouse adjacent to thousands of acres of state forests. Now Richard's neighbors are deer, bears, and wild turkeys. Taking advantage of Lycoming's beautiful trout streams, Wienecke is an avid fisherman.

Insider info: Dick and his wife Kay, have been foster parents to 17 children.