William S. Liptak

William  S. Liptak


MS in Strategic Intelligence, Defense Intelligence College (MSSI)

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Criminal Justice: Part-time Instructor

Special Interest: Intelligence Analysis, Counterterrorism and Counterdrug analysis

William S. Liptak is a retired Naval Commander with a 41-year career in Intelligence. After 20 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer, Mr. Liptak worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency as Chief of the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Intelligence Operations Branch, as an imagery analyst, and as a professor at the Defense Intelligence College. During his career he has worked in the following areas: Imagery Analysis, Scientific and Technical Intelligence, Analysis, Counter-terrorism and Counter-Drug analysis, Computer Security, Open Source intelligence and internet search methodologies. Mr. Liptak has taught at various venues both domestic and international and has degrees in Psychology and Education, and a Masters Degree in Strategic Intelligence from the Defense Intelligence College (MSSI), and is a certified Myers-Briggs administrator and consultant. He has been a panel member on many interagency Law Enforcement/ Intelligence working groups and has taught and conferred with most federal and many state and local law enforcement organizations.