Christopher Kulp

Christopher Kulp


B. A., McDaniel College
M.S., The College of William & Mary
Ph.D., The College of William & Mary

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4282
Campus Post Office Box 3

Physics: Professor

Astronomy: Professor

Engineering: Professor

Christopher Kulp is a Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department of Astronomy & Physics. Before coming to Lycoming, Dr. Kulp taught for four years as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Eastern Kentucky University. Dr. Kulp has also taught at The College of William and Mary and McDaniel College. Dr. Kulp's dissertation was on the control of nonlinear systems.

Dr. Kulp's research interests are in nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory, in particular he has most recently focused on developing novel algorithms for time series characterization. In addition, Dr. Kulp has been using the methods of nonlinear time series analysis to develop mathematical models of combustion. It is hoped that his work will lead to improvements in the efficiency of industrial burners, air craft engines, and optical fire recognition algorithms.

Recent Publications

C. W. Kulp, Ph.D., Gene Sprechini, Ph.D., Jeremy Chobot '16 and Helena Freitas (a visiting student from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program), “Using ordinal partition networks to analyze ECG data,” Chaos, 26, 073114 (2016).

C. W. Kulp, J. M. Chobot ’16, B. J. Niskala ’16 and C. J. Needhammer ’15. "Using forbidden ordinal patterns to detect determinism in irregularly sampled time series," Chaos, 26, 023107 (2016).

C. W. Kulp and B. J. Niskala ’16, "The Characterization of Time Series Data," a chapter in Applications of Chaos Theory, compiled by Christos H. Skiadas and Charilaos Skiadas, June 2016.

C. W. Kulp and L. Zunino, "A New Test for Determinism," Chaos, 24, 033116 (2014).

C. W. Kulp, "Detecting Chaos in Irregularly Sampled Time Series," Chaos, 23, 3, 033110 (2013).

C. W. Kulp and S. Smith ’12, "Characterization of Noisy Symbolic Time Series," Physical Review E 83 026201-1-14 (2011).

More publications and other information can be found on his personal website: