Dr. Edward G. Gabriel

Dr. Edward  G. Gabriel


B.A., M.A, Alfred University
M.S., Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4191

Biology: Associate Professor

Pre-Health: Associate Professor of Biology

Pre-Medicine: Associate Professor of Biology

Environmental Science: Associate Professor

Special Interest: Genetics, Radiation, Cellular Biology

Possible Research Projects: Human genetic analysis with particular emphasis on the muscular dystrophies, The effects of UV radiation on Tetrahymena, Chromosome banding techniques on blood cell development in the squirrel

The door is always open and you can expect a warm greeting from Dr. Edward Gabriel, or Dr. Gabe, as everyone on campus has come to know him. Coffee and snacks are available for those who have questions or perhaps have just stopped by to say hello to Dr. Gabe. "Pull up a chair and let's talk!" would begin one of many encounters students will have with him during their stay at Lycoming. As the academic advisor for many and the Health Professions Advisory Committee Chair for over 25 years, Dr. Gabe enjoys working with students who are considering careers in health professions or who are searching for the major best suited for them. Dr. Gabe prides himself in being a good listener and being able to help students identify choices that are meaningful for them.

Upstate New York was the setting for Dr. Gabe's formative years. His love of nature and the outdoors are certainly reflected in his choice to pursue a career in biology. Maybe his rural background gave him the first insights into inheritance since genetics is his area of specialization. A liberal arts degree from Alfred University established an excellent basis on which Dr. Gabe's understanding of biology was built. A two year stretch as an officer in the United States Army sent Dr. Gabe to Alaska at a missile site, but graduate school was always in his plans. Ohio State University granted Dr. Gabe his graduate degrees and then it was off to Lycoming.

Father of four adult children and husband for several decades to Audrey, Dr. Gabe understands the influential role families play in our lives. His favorite family activities include skiing, hiking, camping, or just having a family cookout. Trips to the summer house in Long Island became a way of life for the Gabriels; the beach must be in their blood. Dr. Gabe truly believes that Lycoming becomes the family that supports and provides guidance to help you with your life's decisions during your stay here. At Lycoming he wants you to make a difference!