Jennifer Weston

Jennifer Weston

History, psychology and archaeology, 2007

Graduate research associate at Arizona State University

I spend a lot of time researching how people learn. I work in a lab where I help design and test tutoring systems to enhance literacy, persuasive writing and help students better comprehend science texts. My goal is to create systems to help students learn the skills necessary to succeed in high school English and science classes.

So far, the results have been promising. Personally, I hoping to find a way to help students with low self-efficacy achieve higher self-efficacy and better proficiency.

The professors at Lycoming College gave me great experience and training in methodology and technical writing. My multiple disciplines gave me a unique way of looking at research and the analytical skills to apply that knowledge.

By having to take ‘math’ statistics, I entered graduate school with a much better grasp on statistics than most any other student I encountered. Graduate school is hard, so it’s important to find a topic that you love.

My ultimate goal is to continue my research – either in the private sector or at a university – to stay active in both the research and development of future students.

I was always taught that the most important thing was to find a place you are happy working and I just hope that whatever job I end up with, that it is both in my field and makes me happy!