Angelika Maryniak

Angelika Maryniak

Psychology, 2012

Student in the master of social work program at the University of Pennsylvania interning at Bethany Children’s Home in Womelsdorf, Pa.

I would not be in my current position if it was not for Lycoming. In the psychology practicum course, I participated in an internship that gave me real work experience, and put me a step ahead of other undergraduates seeking entrance into a master’s level program.

Because Lycoming is such a small school, I got involved early on in my college career. This allowed me to build leadership skills and develop a passion for helping people. I believe that my acceptance into Penn was largely due to the fact that I was able to learn how to think critically about the world around me, and articulate those thoughts into speech or writing.  

Working with youth, it is important to have an open mind and to expect the unexpected. Going into work, I never know what I’m going to have to deal with, and that’s OK with me. It’s taught me to be flexible. I have also had to use my time-management and organization skills that I learned from Lycoming when it comes to juggling school and work.

My only advice is to get involved. Not only do you meet extraordinary individual who will serve as connections for you later in life, you will also grow as a person. You will learn to manage your time and develop fantastic people skills. The more you do, the more well-rounded you become. Involve yourself as much as you can, but don’t spread yourself thin.