Brian Kaufman

Brian Kaufman

Communications, 1996

Associate Producer, 'The Simpsons'

Truth be told, "The Simpsons" is the longest-running American sitcom and animated program. It debuted in December 1989 and has been recognized with 25 Emmy Awards.

As associate producer of the show, my main responsibility is recording changes made to the script during the nine months it takes to produce a show. The show's writing staff does three major revisions to the script before a show is aired. My job is to organize the changes by determining how long recording each actor will take, scheduling the recording studio and the talent, then supervising the actual recording session.

Being involved behind the scenes on the show has it perks. Working with the cast is a lot of fun. We have a lot of laughs on the recording stage. It's great being around such a talented group of voice actors. I've learned a lot about writing, listening to how jokes play when the actors deliver them. Things that read funny often die on the stage. And things that really crack us up are often cut for timing, or dropped because they didn't fit the story.

So how did I get to "The Simpsons?" I faxed my resume to Gracie Films, the creator of the show. I remember the producer admired all of the production experience I had on my résumé from the side projects I had done at school.

I became hooked on production work after I made a soccer highlight video during my sophomore year at Lycoming. From there, I began directing and producing videos for the soccer and football teams, as well as local commercials. After I graduated, I remained at Lycoming for a short time as a teaching assistant for television production classes. Then, I joined the staff here at "The Simpsons."

It doesn't end here. My goal is to make feature length films eventually.