The Pillars of a Lycoming Education

Academic Rigor

By design, Lycoming is focused exclusively on undergraduate education. We believe a liberal arts and sciences education best prepares students for their future endeavors. The College's interdisciplinary curriculum, featuring 36 majors as well as numerous minors and several pre-professional programs, challenges our students to excel. At Lycoming, we are not just teaching skills, we are teaching students to learn. That difference means a graduate who is prepared for the career of the future.

Committed Faculty

Lycoming firmly stands behind the traditional liberal arts and sciences model. Our classes are small and nearly all are taught by full-time faculty members who make teaching their top priority. Students have the distinct benefit of learning from highly-credentialed faculty members, 94 percent of whom hold the highest degree in their field. Lycoming's intimate learning environment featuring a 14-to-1 student-faculty ratio allows students to reap the benefits of individual attention. The resulting camaraderie, established through daily interaction both in and outside of the classroom, creates a special culture on campus and encourages students to work hard because they know the professors are committed to their success.

Collaborative Learning

When students graduate from Lycoming, they do so with the ability to think critically, communicate well and work collaboratively. These important qualities are fostered through the College's interdisciplinary approach to learning as well as the emphasis that is placed on in-depth writing, exploration of ideas and other hallmarks of a liberal arts education. Many students also gain valuable hands-on experience through shared research with faculty members as well as internships and practicums, both on and off campus. These opportunities provide our students with an added advantage when applying for graduate school or that first job.

Vibrant Community

Lycoming offers a vibrant, residential community where 85 percent of our students live on campus in a welcoming and safe environment. Outside of their academic endeavors, students are encouraged to have fun and further enhance their overall development by immersing themselves in the residential experience, Greek life, performing arts, clubs and organizations, and varsity athletics. Such learning and leadership opportunities help to raise students' self-expectations and establish a solid foundation for a successful future.

Investment in Students

By investing available resources in vital areas such as highly-qualified faculty, research and technology, programs that develop character and critical thinking, internships and career placement, Lycoming provides its students with significant advantages. Responsible investment and spending have resulted in financial stability and strength – a nearly 10-fold growth in our endowment during the past two decades and a rare “A” bond rating from Standard & Poor's. Our well-managed financial resources translate into academic excellence and opportunity, an appealing campus and the ability to admit students regardless of their financial need. With its high endowment per student and low debt, the College is positioned to face the future with confidence.

Successful Outcomes

Lycoming's high retention and graduation rates are directly attributed to the caring and dedicated faculty and the energized community in which our students live and learn. Whether preparing students to enter graduate school or the workforce, the College's rigorous liberal arts and sciences educational experience develops the whole person. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and adaptability to walk confidently into an ever-changing world as citizens dedicated to service, leadership and achievement.