Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

Meet the Committee:

Edward Gabriel

Edward Gabriel (Chair) — Biology

The door is always open and you can expect a warm greeting from Dr. Edward Gabriel, or Dr. Gabe, as everyone on campus has come to know him. Coffee and snacks are available for those who have questions or perhaps have just stopped by to say hello to Dr. Gabe. "Pull up a chair and let's talk!" would begin one of many encounters students will have with him during their stay at Lycoming. As the academic advisor for many and the Health Professions Advisory Committee Chair for over 25 years, Dr. Gabe enjoys working with students who are considering careers in health professions or who are searching for the major best suited for them.

See Dr. Gabriel's faculty profile for more information.

Howard Berthold

Howard Berthold — Psychology

Howard Berthold earned his Ph. D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. His recent research interests include teaching of psychology, ethical issues in organizational behavior modification, procedural factors underlying polygraph testing, depth perception, face recognition, and the pupillary response.

Dr. Berthold has taught courses in Introductory, Sensory Experimental, Industrial/Organizational, Behavior Modification, Physiological, Applied Behavioral, Human Factors, Developmental, Interpersonal Communications, and Sport Psychology.

See Dr. Berthold's faculty profile for more information.

Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison — Biology

Dr. Morrison ran a research lab at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego for three years prior to arriving at Lycoming. She has studied the development of the cerebellum, a brain region responsible for balance and coordination of motion, and has supervised numerous students doing independent studies and honors projects involving projects relating to brain development.

She has also helped establish a state-of-the-art microscopic imaging facility at Lycoming.

See Dr. Morrison's faculty profile for more information.

Chriss McDonald

Chriss McDonald — Chemistry

Dr. Chriss McDonald came to the Department of Chemistry from Berea College in Kentucky. He received his doctorate in organic chemistry from Miami University where he focused on the synthesis of highly oxygenated natural products. He teaches General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I and II, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure, Chemistry Research Methods, and team teaches Biochemistry with Dr. Jeff Newman of the Department of Biology.   He is particularly interested in the development of new inquiry-based laboratory experiments for his various organic courses.

See Dr. McDonald's faculty profile for more information.

HPAC Documents:

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