The major is designed to provide a systematic understanding of government and politics at the international, national, state, and local levels. Majors are encouraged to develop their skills to make independent, objective analyses which can be applied to the broad spectrum of the social sciences.

A major in Political Science consists of ten courses as follows:

  • US Government and Politics (PSCI 110)
  • Two other introductory courses from:
  • Political Science Research Methods (PSCI 300)
  • Political Analysis (PSCI 400)
  • Five courses (must cover at least two subfields of Political Science and two must be 300 level or above) from:
    • American Politics and Public Policy (Designated by course numbers in the 10s or 20s)
    • Legal Studies (Designated with course numbers in the 30s)
    • Comparative Politics (Designated with course numbers in the 40s)
    • International Relations (Designated with course numbers in the 60s)

For more information, please refer to the College Catalog.