Planning Reports

There are a number of resources available to community members to learn about the planning activities at the College. The Long Range Planning Committee periodically provides summary reports from their activities. The Middle States accreditation documents contain important summaries and detail on the college's academic and institutional assessment and planning efforts.

Updated Planning Priorities Overview - February 2010

In 2008-09, the Long Range Planning Committee felt it was time to update the Planning Priorities Matrix. The planning model was in its fifth year and the campus community was preparing for the 2010-11 Self Study. The updated version was formally approved by the Board of Trustees at their February 2010 Executive Committee meeting. Planning Priorities Overview - Feb 2010, provides a summary of the planning process and priorities.

Presentation from the GCAA meeting, October 2006

The planning presentation from the GCAA meeting held on 10/16/06 can be found here. In addition, attached is a bibliography that provides a sampling of articles and books related to planning issues. Many of these readings are available online, are hyperlinked to the bibliography and/or are available at Snowden Library on reserve.

Planning Priorities Overview - Spring 2005

The Long Range Planning Committee focused its efforts in 2004-05 on developing specific benchmarks for the overarching priorities and determining what areas of the institution are most critical to preserving and strengthening a quality liberal arts education. The document entitled, Planning Priorities Overview, provides a summary of the planning process and priorities.

2003-04 Summary Report

The 2003-04 Summary Report was step one in the planning process - the report outlines some broad concepts and identifies strengths and weaknesses relative to other similar institution. Ultimately, the planning committee sought to provide a common set of facts and information for community so that people don't rely on hunches for decision-making. It is important to better understand how the college operates before working toward developing a common understanding of institutional priorities. In times of additional resources, what are the institutional priorities in which the college should invest? In times of financial constraint, what are the essential components the college should protect? The Long Range Planning Committee appreciated the great turnout at the three Question and Answer Session during the Spring 2004 Semester. As a result of the input received, the committee made a number of changes to the report.

The Committee invites your questions and feedback on these reports and any planning issues. Please direct any questions or comments to Jeff Bennett, Vice President for Finance and Administration, or any member of the Long Range Planning Committee.