Worthington Alpaca FarmAlpacaAlpacaFiber

This past September (September 2015) we visited Worthington Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill to meet some alpacas and to see how yarn is made from the Alpacas! Pictures here are credited to our very own Chloe Jim, thanks Chloe!

Lyco Yellow OrnamentLyco Blue Ornament

This past Christmas season we sold about 27 Lycoming 'L' ornaments and donated all the proceeds made to Family Promise in Williamsport. Good job, Lyco!

Also we were very successful this year in our sale, selling completely out of hats and almost out of headbands as well.

Look for our knitted flower fundraiser in February 2016 the week before Valentine's Day. The funds support our club, Raging Stitches and the Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser as well.