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Welcome back stitchers!

We had our first meeting of the semester on January 18, 2017 at 8:00pm in Burchfield lounge. We welcomed a few new members and went over the events we plan to do this coming semester. So far on the list, we have a trip to Allentown planned on Saturday April 8, 2017 for the Steel City Fiber Festival that we are all super excited to attend. Yarn festivals are always super fun and is a great event to introduce to our newer members and open their eyes to the world of fiber and yarn! We also plan on creating t-shirts, possibly having a fundraiser around Valentine's Day, and of course... community service!

Last semester, we introduced the Plarn Project which is where we have the entire student body, faculty and staff collect and save their plastic bags by donating to us to create plastic yarn (hence plarn). With this plarn, we intend on crocheting mats for the homeless. Making the plarn is a tedious process that involves flattening each plastic bag individually, cutting it up into 4 equal parts, and then tying together the plastic parts into "yarn" and then rolling it up into a skein or a ball. Most of our members have been making the plarn with extra help from AMIS while our one member, Ashley, has gone above and beyond to actually start crocheting the first mat! She is about halfway through the mat currently. This is a great community service project that we expect to continue.

We are also partnering with Susquehana Hospice to knit/crochet comfort dolls for their Shirati project. The Shirati project is where they create these dolls and sell them to the public. 100% of the profit is then given and donated to the Shirati project where they use this money to buy medical instruments and medicines for the ill over in Africa. The remaining left over comfort dolls are actually given to the people over there who are sick. It's a wonderful project that is easy to do in one sitting and means a lot to many people. We are also kniting and crocheting blankets for both Susqehana Hospice and cancer patients by teaming up with CAC to carry out that process.