Student Senate FAQs

Q: When does the Senate meet?

A: Every Monday night at 9 pm in the Jane Schultz Room of the Wertz Student Center. The first Monday of every month is a Town Meeting in the Jane Schultz room at 9 pm with representatives from every club and organization.

Q: How do I become a member of the Senate?

A: Just show up! There are both elected and non-elected positions in the Senate. If you care about the college and want to get involved, please come to one of our meetings and check it out!

Q: What does the Senate do?

A: The Constitution of the Student Senate states: "As the representative body of Lycoming College, Student Senate addresses student issues and concerns through open forums and total student representation. The group functions in the best interest of the students to voice all student concerns to the Lycoming College community, to ensure student representation on faculty committees, and to fairly govern the management of student funds."

Q: How do I report a complaint?

A: Please send an email to or call (570)-321-4079, and we will do our best to handle the problem or direct you to the people who can. To report a problem with the internet, please contact IT services at

Q: How do clubs/organizations request money?

A: Visit the Student Senate Moodle Page to download the Appropriations Request Template. Once this form is completed, send it to The appropriations committee will review the request and let you know when it's been decided.