Colleges Against Cancer Is

At Lycoming College there are lots of opportunities to get yourself involved in things that mean something to you. Colleges Against Cancer is a Service club that hosts, plans, and raises funds and raises awareness for cancer organizations! We strive to make our events fun and interactive. The club hosts the annual Relay for Life that brings together the campus community for fun, food, games, and most importantly the celebration of life and the remembrance of those that have past. Although Relay is one of the largest events on campus and one of the largest events the club does there are a multitude of other things that club has to offer.

Here is a list of some things we do:

  • Pink Out Week and Games-to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer
  • Bake Sales to raise money that is donated to cancer organizations
  • Leadership opportunities within the club
  • Bring together those that have the same passion for service as the club members do

What's New and What's to Come?

Currently the club is experiencing the transition of officers. The current President Jena Hampton, will be passing the torch to Destiny Schott. We will also be transitioning a new Vice President, Emily Franquet, Treasurer, Jessica Sinnwell, and Secretary, Megan Bozarth. We will also be taking a new approach to how Relay for Life Registration and Sign Ups go. Lastly the club will be changing its name in the near future.