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About Us

Founded on October 13, 1976 at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Beta Phi Gamma prides itself on being the first sorority on campus. As a local sorority we strive to unite our sisters through a bond of sincere and lasting friendship, to pursue knowledge and to promote moral and social standards. Throughout Beta Phi Gamma's proud history, the bond of sisterhood continues to instill strength and wisdom into each and every one of us. From athletes to organization leaders, new members to alumnae, we will always know that though we each go our own way, we remain as one united through the sisterhood.

Being part of a local sorority has many benefits! All of the dues that the sisters pay go to us in order to fund events, apparel, and better our living spaces. All sisters past and present attended Lycoming College and from that alone, a special bond exists. They understand the small college atmosphere and the importance of networking. Many alumnae have helped our graduates with their future career goals. We have very dedicated alumnae who go above and beyond to keep the sisterhood strong!

Fun Facts


Colors: Violet, Blue, & White

Founding Sisters: Deb Mehl, Kim McCarthy, Bette Wizorek

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