Chapter History

Alpha Xi Delta -- Iota Mu Chapter at Lycoming College began with the creation of an underground organization called Sorority Interest Group (SIG). At the time, there was only one other national sorority and three local sororites on campus. The ladies of SIG were interested in joining a sorority, but did not want to join one just for the sake of joining one. They wanted to ensure that the ladies that they would call their sisters would embody the ideals that they too appreciate, and that as sisters, they would create a deep connection that would go beyond words. This particular group of girls longed for this fraternal bond, but could not find it on Lycoming College's campus. Instead of simply accepting this, they decided to take action.

One of the first criteria that these women had to decide upon was whether they wanted to be part of a national organization or create their own local organization. While local organizations hold the appeal of being able to create something that is completely unique and malleable, nothing compared to the allure of being able to bond and having something in common with thousands of women across the country. Thus the ladies of SIG decided to try to bring a second national sorority to the Lycoming College campus.

The ladies searched for a sisterhood that cherished the values that they wanted to bring out in themselves and others, and also an organization that would bring something unique to campus. Alpha Xi Delta offered all of this and so much more.

After making the decision to go AXiD, two major things had to happen before their dream could be realized: they had get their decision cleared through Lycoming College, and Alpha Xi Delta's National Headquarters had to decide on whether or not to accept this group of women into their great fraternity. Several meetings, briefings, and e-mails later, Lycoming College's infamous Sorority Interest Group became an Alpha Xi Delta Colony.

The colonization period began in the spring of 2004 and lasted for three semesters. This time period consisted of new member meetings run by National and inviting new women into the colony each semester. Although it was a long and arduous process, this is where bonds were created.

Finally, in the spring of 2005, the Colony became installed as the Iota Mu chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, and all of its members became full-fledged initiated sisters! National left the fate of this chapter in the hands of these ladies to make Alpha Xi Delta their own with the trust that they would invite only the most suited women to receive all that the fraternity has to offer and one day become the leaders of this wonderful organization that so many women now call their 'home away from home.'