Art students to exhibit "The Real Fiction"

Art students to exhibit "The Real Fiction"

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Lycoming College art students Joshua R. Troxler and Rene Pucilowski will host an exhibit titled "The Real Fiction" April 2-3 at 7 p.m. in Pennington Lounge of the College's Academic Center.

According to Troxler and Pucilowski, viewers of the free public exhibit will become the main character of a story with two different paths, walking through many environments and encountering problems that connect to an overarching storyline.

"Rene and I are going both young artists with a lot of ideas," says Troxler. "Not everything has to be so deep all the time. We want to show a fun side to what artists can do by giving the audience some fun cinematic time with great sci-fi themes. The show will exhibit many themes that take place either in outer space or in the future. We are giving the viewers two paths to choose from. That is what we hope people will like."

"The Real Fiction" is being funded solely by third party donation. A video describing the project, produced by Troxler and Pucilowski, can be viewed at

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