World-renowned archaeologists Dr. William G. Dever and Dr. Pamela Gaber will join the faculty at Lycoming College in the fall of 2008. Dever has been appointed Distinguished Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, and Gaber, Professor of Archaeology and Judaic Studies.


Dr. William G. Dever

Dever received the PhD in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology from Harvard University. Active in the field of Near Eastern archaeology since 1955, Dever has led numerous field research and excavation projects in Jordan and Israel. He served as the Director of the Hebrew Union College Excavations at Gezer from 1966 to 1971. He was also Director of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem from 1971 to 1975.  For nearly 30 years, Dever served as Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology and as head of the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Arizona. Lycoming College is a consortium member of the current Gezer excavation project, which is directed by one of Dever’s former doctoral students.

Dever, one of the world’s leading biblical archaeologists, noted, “For a small college to have so many students majoring in archaeology is unprecedented. To find students who are interested in the discipline and a faculty and administration that are supportive, augurs very well. It was really refreshing to see what a small college with a sense of community, of commitment, and of values was like.” Dever has served on the editorial boards of numerous professional archaeological and biblical journals and has published several books, including Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel, as well as hundreds of works in various periodicals, journals, books, and reviews. He has lectured world-wide and has held executive positions in the Archaeological Institute of America, American Oriental Society, and American Schools of Oriental Research.



Dr. Pamela Gaber



Gaber earned the PhD from Harvard University with specializations in ancient art and archaeology. She served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona, and held teaching positions at the University of New Hampshire. She currently serves as Director of Education at the Congregation B’nai Ysrael in New York.

Having directed excavations at Idalion since 1987, Gaber is recognized as an expert in sculpture typology, as well as pottery chronology, the tracing of the development of pottery types over time.  The author of several books and numerous publications, her Excavations on the East Acropolis of Idalion will be published in December. She recently authored a children’s book, Daily Life in Bible Times: What Archaeology Tells Us. Lycoming’s archaeology program has grown significantly since 2003, when the College began sponsoring the Idalion site in Cyprus.  Gaber will continue to conduct the field school there each summer, providing students with valuable hands-on experience at the excavation.  

Lycoming’s President, Dr. James E. Douthat, noted that the College’s Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East Program is multi-disciplinary with classes taught by experts in the fields of history, religion, philosophy, anthropology, art, and the ancient languages of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  Lycoming’s archaeology program combines the rigors of a liberal arts curriculum with a strong major and the opportunity to participate in Near Eastern excavations led by renowned archaeologists.

“I have been running field schools for 20 years, and the students who have come to me from Lycoming have been noticeably stronger than the students from many other colleges,” said Gaber. “So right away I was attracted to this opportunity at Lycoming and knew that this would be a fruitful collaboration.”

Gaber will join Dr. Robin J. Knauth, Assistant Professor of Religion and Director of the Archaeology Program; Dr. Steven Johnson, Associate Professor of Religion and Archaeology Program Field Coordinator; Dr. Cullen Chandler, Assistant Professor of History; and Dr. Amy Golahny, Professor of Art History and Chair of the Art Department, on the supervisory committee of Lycoming’s archaeology program.


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