Meet our language assistants

Esther Taeubert


Hometown: My hometown is the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the north of Germany. It is one of Europe’s major port cities and has the nickname “Tor zur Welt” (“gateway to the world”). Since I moved to Stralsund in the north-east as an adolescent, I consider that city my second home. It is also a hanseatic city. Both cities are strongly influenced by their connection to the sea.

Sports/Activities: My favorite sport is track and field, and I enjoy watching different sports such as skiing, biathlons, ice skating and soccer. In addition to that, I like singing in the choir and going to different kinds of concerts. Above all, my favorite thing to do is traveling. I have visited 19 countries in Europe so far and traveled to both Asia and the US.

Favorite place in Germany: My favorite place in Hamburg is the beach on the river Elbe. I like sitting in the sand and watching the big containerships go by while listening to the sounds of the harbor. I also enjoy visiting one of the many parks. In Stralsund, my favorite place is the old town. I enjoy looking at the old buildings from the Middle Ages while eating a “Fischbrötchen” (roll with fish).

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I am happy to be able to share parts of my culture with Lycoming students and faculty. I hope to be able to show that Germany is more than beer, Lederhosen, Oktoberfest and excellent cars. I want to familiarize Lycoming students and faculty with Germany’s history, politics and geography. It is important to me to show German American cultural and political relations.

What you're looking forward to: I am looking forward to the American College experience from both a student's and a teacher’s perspective. Education in Germany differs a lot from the American system and I am grateful to be given the chance to teach and learn in a different academic setting.  I am also looking forward to being part of the college choir.

Juliette Cadic


Hometown: Pontivy in Brittany, France

Sports/Activities: I love all outdoor sports especially hiking, rock climbing, riding bikes and swimming. I also like to take pictures.

Favorite place in France: Actually I have two favorite places in Brittany. Douarnenez, which is the birth town of my father and Quénécan forest, an enigmatic forest with a haunted castle, abandoned houses and "menhirs" (Celtic monuments).

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I want the students learn about the multiplicity of France, French Culture and the Francophone.  

What you're looking forward to: I'm really excited to live in a small community and be a part of it and also to develop a better understanding of the cultural diversity in the US.

Camila Siegel Masias


Hometown: My hometown is San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. It's located in Rio Negro Province, in Patagonia. I lived there for 20 years and I then moved to General Roca to study, a city situated in the same Province but further north.

Sports/Activities: I must confess I'm not a sportsperson but I enjoy going to the gym. I also loving being outdoors and hanging with my friends. That is one of the things I appreciate the most. I also like traveling.

Favorite place in Argentina: Argentina is a large country and I haven't been able to visit many places yet (but I will sooner or later). If I had to choose a place as my favorite, I would choose my hometown. Bariloche is such an amazing city. The landscapes are breath-taking. Whether it is summer or winter, you can do many outdoor activities and one of the things I love and enjoy the most is when the city is covered by snow. Tourists from different cities in Argentina choose this place as their dream destination, as well as Brazilians, Chileans and Europeans. 

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I'd like to share with Lycoming parts of my diverse culture. The European traditions blend with the aboriginal customs, making it quite a unique culture.

What you're looking forward to: I'm looking forward to helping Spanish learners to get a glimpse of the Latin American culture especially my own as an Argentinean citizen. I'm also interested in learning about the Lycoming community, as an example of an American Liberal Arts college.

During my stay in the USA, I'd like to improve my language skills. I know that any language is the representation of a culture, so I'd like to have a better understanding of the American culture while I'm here too. I'd like to travel and visit some cities like New York City and Washington D.C.