German Language Tables


Spring 2014

German Tables will meet in Pennington Lounge.

German Tables provide students with a relaxed atmosphere in which to practice conversational skills with native speaker Raphael Roessel and with fellow students. Students must attend the tables when their course is scheduled to be there. Since conversation topics change weekly, one can only receive credit for one table per week, although one may go as often as one likes for extra practice. At the close of each session, each student must complete the participation form and have Raphael verify it. He will then deliver the forms to the instructors.

Schedule (all times PM):


  • 222 5pm
  • 418W 7:45pm
  • 102 8:30pm


  • All Levels Noon (Cafeteria)
  • 102 4pm
  • 222 4:30pm
  • 112 5:15pm


  • 112 4:30pm
  • 418W 5:15pm


  • 102 6:30 pm