to. read. a. play.

When Joshua Troxler ’13 has an idea, he likes to see it realized. The senior art major with a passion for theatre has a lot of ideas.

Troxler has appeared in a variety of theatrical productions and exhibited his artwork extensively at the College and in the local community. His collaborative installation, “The Real Fiction,” was funded solely by donations through Kickstarter and appeared at Lycoming in spring 2011, and he has already begun the current semester with a video installation at Origins Art Space in Williamsport.

“As an art major, I take pride in how much the College encourages you to move and groove,” he says. “They are always encouraging the students to create their own path.”

Now, Troxler’s latest theatrical endeavor, T.R.A.P (to. read. a. play.), will present “Oedipus Rex” at Lycoming on Sept. 12, in the College’s Mary L. Welch Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free; no tickets are required. The full cast includes Troxler and his wife, Casey (Avsec) ’10, Alyssa Allen ’13, Toby Anderson ’14, Nate Bahn ’15, Sarah Beddingfield ’15, Molly Collier ’13, Taylor Granger ’15 and Elle Ingarra ’13. “Oedipus Rex” was suggested to Troxler after he volunteered to do a show for Lycoming’s introductory theatre classes. “It was a good pick,” he says. “And, it’s going to be a very different take on it.”

T.R.A.P. has at least two more shows planned for this season, including “Waverly Gallery” and a Nov. 28 performance of “God of Hell.”

The play reading troupe formed last winter and included the Troxlers, Collier and Tom Robinson ’12. The actors desired to bring contemporary works to the community while showcasing the talent of the College’s theatre program by performing staged and concert readings of plays that they feel have strong artistic and social value.

T.R.A.P. began performing to packed audiences at Alabaster Coffee in downtown Williamsport. “Three Days of Rain” and “God of Carnage” were exceptionally well received. Two more shows, “The Rabbit Hole” and “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?,” were performed in the College’s Dragons Lair theatre, with the former including Lycoming theatre professors Dr. N.J. Stanley and Gretchen Wingerter. The troupe’s final show of the season, “The Dazzle,” was put on at the Williamsport Community Arts Center.

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