Preparing for the future

Lycoming student teachers had the opportunity to hone their interviewing skills, receive valuable feedback and network with potential employers during recent on-campus mock interviews. The interviews are one of the most realistic and useful experiences the students have during their student teaching semester.

During the two-hour event, nine teams of interviewers, which included more than 30 area teachers and administrators, conducted a total of 38 individual interview/feedback sessions with the students. Each student teacher had the opportunity to experience two such sessions.

"The mock interviews are an invaluable asset to the student teachers," said Ryan Albertson, an art generalist major pursuing education certification. "They afford the opportunity for those entering the field of education to prepare for interviews necessary for applying for a teaching position with people who interview teachers all the time. The feedback provided by the education professionals was helpful and will allow me to prepare myself for an actual interview."

According to David Bross, the College's supervisor of elementary student teachers, the event would not have been possible without the cooperation of the interviewers.

"All of us in the Education Department are especially grateful to the principals and teachers who give so graciously of their time and expertise," said Bross.

Dan Taormina, a 1993 Lycoming graduate who serves as principal at Montoursville Area High School, said: "This event is a valuable experience for the student teachers. It is a chance for them to receive some feedback from professionals in the field and if a mistake is made, it does not cost them an opportunity. For us as principals, we may be interviewing our next hire."

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