Molding tomorrow's educators

"I love my job," says Dr. Amy (Shaner) '92 Rogers, assistant professor of education and chair of the Lycoming College Education Department. "I enjoy working with the students, the one-on-one contact and the relationships that you make. I joke with them that 'I'm molding your life.' We get to know them well. We give them choices and direction."

Rogers' passion for teaching is evident the minute she begins talking about her students and the College's teacher preparation program. After teaching for 13 years in middle and secondary classrooms, she returned to her alma mater in 2007 as an instructor in education. Now in her third year as department chair, she is continuing Lycoming's reputation for excellence in preparing future teachers for success in the classroom.

First offered in 1955, the education program remains one of Lycoming's most popular courses of study. Unlike most of the state system universities which offer education as a major, Lycoming provides its future teachers the breadth and depth of a strong liberal arts education. Students choose an academic major and, with the help of their advisors, follow a carefully planned sequence of professional education courses, enriched by extensive field experiences in nearby schools.

"I have a student now who is a history major," says Dr. Marisa Macy, assistant professor of education. "He's getting his secondary teaching credentials with us through our education program. When he leaves here, he will be a very well-prepared history teacher, more so than if he majored in education alone."

Edited from an article that appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of Lycoming Magazine. The full story is available here.

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