Lesley Haines, maritime archaeologist

Lesley Haines ’09 has always had a love for the ocean; she even received her diving certification by age 12. Eventually, this love developed into an interest in land and maritime archaeology, which led Haines to pursue her studies in Lycoming College’s archaeology program.

Haines double-majored in archaeology and history, and also minored in classical studies. Through the College’s study abroad program, she had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, gaining a hands-on understanding of conservation methods. She is a staff member at Tel Gezer, Israel, one of Lycoming’s archaeological field sites, where she also volunteered as a student.

After graduating from Lycoming, Haines went on to study at Bristol University in the United Kingdom. In 2010, she honed her underwater archaeological skills in the Sound of Mull, Scotland. There, she worked tediously on recording, analyzing, preserving and excavating a shipwreck.

Having completed her first master’s, Haines recently returned to Lycoming to deliver a colloquium lecture on her experiences and knowledge concerning the techniques, preservation and conservation involved with maritime archaeology.

Now, the young archaeologist is beginning a graduate program in conservation at Cardiff University, U.K., with the hopes of pursuing a career in the conservation of maritime archaeology, and eventually earning a Ph.D.        

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